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uganda - kampala full-time Closing date - 09/02/2019

Job Summary

Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree

Minimum years of experience: 3

Required IT skills: ,MS Office

Job Description

Develops and administers training programs for employees, assesses training and development needs for organisations, helps individuals and groups develop skills and knowledge, creates training manuals, presents in-person training sessions, monitors training for effectiveness

Key Responsibilities:

Training Consultant responsibilities include:

Oversees training programmes that include web-based seminars, printed manuals, group sessions, training videos, and more.

•      Determines training needs and requirements for an organisation or group by meeting with managers, talking with employees, or administering surveys.

•       Reviews existing training materials produced by third parties to determine appropriateness and relevance.

•       Modifies or creates course materials and training manuals to meet specific training needs.

•       Presents in-person and online training sessions or hires qualified personnel to do so.

•       Schedules training sessions, organizes information technology and other equipment, and manages course enrolment.

•       Monitors training programmes and manuals to ensure that they are effective and up-to-date and makes updates as necessary.

•       Works with managers to address learning issues, instruction problems, or new educational needs regarding specific employees or departments.

•      Manages costs for all programmes, productions, and publications in order to report to organisation executives regarding a return on investment.

•      Specialises in a particular industry and keeps current on the activities and needs of that industry by attending regular meetings, conferences, and seminars.

•      Maintains understanding of new educational and training techniques and methods.

•      Draft and present to management annual strategic plans and budgets for the Training business unit.

•       Mapping out annual training plans for internal teams and open training programs for clients.

•       Selecting appropriate training methods, like on-the-job coaching, conferences, workshops and e-learning courses.

•      Schedule regular soft-skills development and management trainings.

•       Assess the impact of training on employee performance and establish the relevancy of delivered trainings as a marketing tool.

•       Liaise with external partners and outsource training, as needed.

•       Gather feedback from trainees and trainers after each session

•       Prepare cost reports for each learning program

•       Update curriculum database and training records

•       Prepare reports to management.

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience needed to meet the demands of the role (required/desired):

•       Proven work experience as a Training Consultant, Training Coordinator or similar role

•       Hands-on experience organizing corporate training events

•       Familiarity with Learning Management Software (LMS)

•       Knowledge of traditional and modern training methods and techniques

•       Understanding of Talent Management and succession planning

•       Excellent communication skills

•       Solid organization skills, with the ability to manage multiple trainings at the same time

•      BSc in Education, Human Resources Management or relevant field

How to Apply

To apply please send your CV and cover letter with 3 work related referees to the address or e-mail below. Plot 8 Kitante Close P.O.Box 12405 Kampala Email:

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