Nexus Green- The Environment, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Officers - 5 positions

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uganda - Kampala full-time Closing date - 31/12/2021

Job Summary

Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree

Minimum years of experience: 5

Job Description

Department: Environment and Social Governance/Operations         

Reporting to: The Environment, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Manager 


The Environment and Social Governance/Operations Officers will support the Project Manager and Environment, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Manager in ensuring compliance to the Environment and Social Policies of NGL, Global environmental and Occupational Health Safety laws, UKEF requirements at the regional project sites and any other relevant standards.


Technical Advisory Support

  1. Supporting the Project Manager and ESHS Manager in establishing effective performance monitoring of ESHS for the projects and the office.
  2. Support heads of departments, project managers, and project teams in developing, reviewing, and implementing NGL ESHS plans, donor/funder, and government requirements.
  3. Evaluate practices and enforce procedures at all NGL work areas and construction sites in the regions to assess risk and adherence to ESHS requirements.
  4. Conduct and review risk assessments, inspections, incident investigations, and other reports and offer advice to field teams to ensure that good practices are upheld;
  5. Implement the stakeholder engagement plan by identifying and managing all regional project stakeholders for smooth project execution. 
  6. Manage community and staff grievances and ensures that all grievances are resolved immediately.
  7. Assist field teams to correct deviations from ESHS requirements including managing breaches of requirements and poor performance by NGL personnel and subcontractors.
  8. Develop and review project briefs/ESIS for all required projects.
  9. Conduct and supervise environment and social impact assessment/study for all the sites in the region.
  10. Implement and ensure that the ESMP is implemented at all NGL sites.
  11. Review all prefeasibility reports and ESIS to ensure compliance to the EIA regulations and NEMA requirements; Submit the report to NEMA and follow for permitting
  12. Monitoring performance and addressing incidents
  13. Carry out weekly inspections and monthly system reviews/audits to ensure that NGL operations and subcontractors are complying with ESHS requirements.
  14. Carry out incident reporting and investigations.
  15. Follow up on implementation of corrective actions to address non-conformities or issues raised in incident investigations, inspections, and audits to ensure that the issues have been effectively addressed and lessons learned shared.
  16. Use trend analysis of monitoring data from regional sites and warehouse for the purposes of addressing poor performance;
  17. Carry out initiatives to support the improvement of ESHS culture including developing, reviewing, and ensuring that NGL ESHS improvement plan is carried out. 

    Training  and Knowledge Management

  18.  Develop and implement training programmes to improve the capacity of NGL personnel, contractors, and partners in implementing NGL ESHS requirements, IFC Performance standards and any other relevant standards that may come up in the course of your employment

  19. Conduct and ensure that drills and trainings in firefighting and First Aid at all NGL workplaces and sites are done.
  20. Be the focal point for ESHS knowledge building and knowledge sharing across the region with a focus on context-specific good practices;
  21. Conduct community Environment Health and Safety awareness trainings and meeting in all communities where NGL operates.
  22. Implement and ensure that the ESMP is implemented at all NGL sites. 

    Social Management 

  23.  Conduct site reconnaissance and identification.

  24.  Receive and manage all project grievances and social concerns.

  25.  Mobilize and create project awareness and buy-in.

  26.  Mobilize and facilitate the formation of Water Users Associations and Farmer Groups.

  27. Secure MOU with landowners on right of way to develop the sites.

  28. Conduct and implement SEP

  29. Other Roles 

  30. Reporting weekly and monthly to ESHS Manager on the implementation of ESHS.
  31. Liaise with and support the CLO on any issue assigned or delegated for smooth project execution.
  32. Ensure confidentiality of privilege information or document is kept.
  33. Secure permits and approvals from all stakeholders like government, landowners, regulators etc. when required
  34. Technical Knowledge/ Skills:
  35. Using various software, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software.
  36. Good analytical skills; resourcefulness, initiative, maturity of judgment;
  37. Strong communications skills and ability to work with a team to achieve organizational goals;
  38. Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving 
  39. ESIA and RAP
  40. ESMP

    Behavioral / Attitude Competencies:

    ✓  Proven ability to work independently with minimal supervision and direction;

    ✓  Capable of working with others in a participatory and capacity building manner;

    ✓  Ability to establish and maintain excellent contacts with colleagues, government officials, community representatives and contractors.

    ✓  Self-motivated, versatile and adaptable to different cultures and people;

    ✓  Ability to multi-task and prioritize work schedules; 

    ✓  Strong community liaison, mobilization and negotiation skills required;

    ✓  Working knowledge of MS Office Applications required;

    ✓  Fluent in both oral and written English, Kiswahili and 3 Local Languages;

    Good negotiation skills, and the ability to bring consensus amongst people .

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