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uganda - Kampala consultancy Closing date - 15/07/2021

Job Summary

Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree

Minimum years of experience: 5

Required languages: English

Required IT skills: MS Office

Job Description

What we do:

Think about the first time someone recognized in you a spark, a talent you hadn’t yet seen in yourself. Remember the way your heart exploded when you felt the power of what you could do and be. At Street Business School (SBS) we help women living in extreme poverty feel that feeling by turning their spark into a fire of purpose. SBS is an award-winning non-profit, igniting the impact of other organizations by equipping them with our one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial training, for women of all ages, proven to triple their income and lift their families out of poverty with dignity. And it all starts with a spark.

Why you’ll feel good about working with Street Business School:

• You’ll be challenged, you’ll be inspired, and you’ll be proud to see your spark igniting change around the world

• You’ll have plenty of opportunity to do cool and meaningful work

• By supporting the global expansion of our Street Business School, your work could help millions of people to lift their families out of poverty

• You’ll be surrounded and inspired by employees with passion, commitment, and drive • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all SBS employees currently work remotely some of the time

• We support people to solve their own problems creating dignity, ownership and self-sufficiency

• Increasing income not only reduces poverty, but it also spurs investment in children, creates greater self-esteem, increases bargaining power, and reduces domestic violence

This role has your name on it if you:

• Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• Enjoy the challenge of building and maintaining high quality working relationships, often with high-level individuals .

• Are skilled in the use of institutional databases, research methods, and can “geek-out” in customer journey analytics

• Embrace learning new technologies

• Are exceptionally organized—move over Marie Kondo and The Home Edit!

• Goal oriented and focused yet remain nimble and can easily pivot your strategy when necessary

• Have a great sense of humor and a mature work style

• Believe no job is too big or too small

What you’ll do for us:

This new role is a pivotal consulting opportunity for someone to help us develop, plan for, implement and evaluate two new pilot programs (Moonshots) that would help us dramatically expand the reach of our award-winning entrepreneurship training.

Pilot Moonshot Phone Training: Our current entrepreneurship training is delivered face to face to participants living in extreme poverty through eight interactive sessions, and three coaching visits. This pilot (Phase 1) will test the idea of breaking the curriculum into a number of 3–5-minute pre-recorded voice messages or video clips that can be delivered to someone via their phone. This pilot is to test the efficacy of this delivery model to see if participants increase their incomes as a result. If we see significant results, Phase 2 would build out the technology platform to scale the delivery. This project includes:

• Gather early evidence to evaluate efficacy and impact of training delivered via voice messages

• With CEO and Country Director, create overarching workplan, budget and timeline

• Liaise weekly with SBSU team on distillation of the curriculum + confidence

• Research and evaluate technology platform and embed curriculum variations

• Create strategy and implement rapid prototyping of curriculum versions with multiple small cohorts

• Coordinate with M&E team to build robust data collection strategy, measure impact, and iterate

• Procure voice talent to record curriculum messages

• Provide early results analysis by 10/15/2021

• Create comprehensive report with results, lessons learned and recommendations for Board Directors.

Pilot Moonshot Refugee Program: Refugees are among the poorest people on the planet and are also served by a relatively small number of International NGOs in well identified locations. The goal of this pilot is to test the efficacy of using SBS in refugee camps in Uganda as a case study to more robust expansion. This project includes:

• Work with CEO to create workplan and determine if SBS can be successfully implemented in refugee camps

• Identify potential required adaptations to curriculum

• Research and identify key opportunities for engagement with larger NGOs within Uganda

• Work with CEO or Director Global Training to schedule calls with key decision makers at larger NGOs

• Identify and recruit up to 10 anchor partner organizations serving refugee camps in Uganda to attend virtual trainings

• Conduct additional informational conversations with 2-3 potential large partners to gauge medium-term opportunities

• Identify events, conferences, publishing opportunities, etc. that are specific to refugee support

• Work with M&E team to create robust data collection strategy through the SBS Impact Tracker. Monitor implementation, results and lessons learned of Refugee Anchor NGOs, including hosting a focus group discussion

• Create comprehensive report with results, lessons learned and recommendations for Board of Directors

Qualifications for Pilot Program Consultant:

• Flawless communication skills, both written and oral

• Track record of impeccable project management skills

• Experience using content to relate to people, converting research to relationships

• Familiarity with M&E processes and tools

• Familiarity with technology processes and tools

• Ability to conduct independent research

• History of successfully achieving goals

• Demonstrated ability to work autonomously as well as being a productive and collaborative team member

• A strong work ethic and eagerness to learn and make new connections

• Must be an excellent problem-solver

• Experience with creative outreach and networking plans

How to Apply

This is currently a half time Consultancy, and the project is expected to last for 6-8 months. Preference is for someone located in the Kampala, Uganda area. We encourage applications from diverse candidates of all sorts. Please shoot us an email letting us know where you heard about us and how working with us would be a dream come true for you. Please also send your resume and a brief introduction to yourself (to show us how we’d be crazy not to talk to you) to jobs@StreetBusinessSchool.org with “Pilot Program Consultant” in the subject line. While we love, love, love initiative on the job, no phone calls please.

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