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uganda - Africa full-time Closing date - 31/07/2021

Job Summary

Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree

Minimum years of experience: 5

Required languages: English

Job Description

Street Business School is a global training organization, training others to deliver our proven and effective business training and confidence building to their communities, empowering people to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Our world-class and world-changing model is scaling to reach 1 million people by 2027.

The Global Trainer is a member of the Global Training Team who trains and coaches our SBS Global Catalyst Partners to deliver the SBS proven curriculum to their respective beneficiaries, or their Partners’ beneficiaries

  1. Global Training Role
  • Prepare for SBS Train-the-Trainer Workshops (both In-Person and Online), including team Skype calls, individual prep as required for assigned training position, and 1-2 weeks on-the-ground prep for In-Person Workshops  depending on workshop location.
  • Provide world-class training during Workshop, either as Lead Facilitator, Global Member Trainer, or Project Manager, as assigned by the Training Team DGT/Regional Manager.  For In-Person Workshops, this delivery will likely include international travel.
  • When acting as GMT, coach SBS Global Catalyst Partner groups to include, but not limited to, scheduling and delivering post-IW, virtual coaching calls to support their implementation, troubleshoot problems, identifying learning, completing all required related coaching documentation.
  • Along with Director of Global Training and Regional Training Manager,  ensure that all SBS Partners (or other 3rd party that attends Workshop) feel welcomed, have proper lodging, transportation, meals, etc. and are engaged fully outside of the training itself.
  • Continuously self-manage knowledge and ability to train GCPs regarding collection and submission of M&E data through the SBS Impact Tracker, and continuously encourage use of same with GCPs to maintain/grow implementation.

2. Outreach Role

  • Where possible or assigned, recruit attendees for the Workshops, from initial engagement of Global Catalyst Partners, through Workshop application.
  • Monitor related applications to ensure proper sourcing code.
  • Inspire and support our team to be story ambassadors for the organization.

3. Team Collaboration Projects, in additional to Collaborative Team Facilitation

  • As assigned, work closely with the Regional Manager of Global Training, to support Partner engagement (i.e., attendance at GCP events, social media engagement, review of tactics, enhancement of curriculum, improvement on level of participation in Coaching Sessions). At direction of RGT, DGT or SGT, collaborate with Operations to help to prepare for Workshop where one is not assigned as one of the 3-person training team.
  • As requested, brainstorming on new products, customized curriculum.
  • Joint team weekly review of individual team member projects, and as requested, take on assignments for the team as each member’s tasks are prioritized/grow, such that all team members are supporting the larger team’s flexing needs. This requires cross-training in a variety of tasks, such as reporting, creative, admin, etc.
  • Periodically work with Senior Global GT/Regional Manager/DGT to identify opportunities for improved/timely M&E processing/info with GCPs.

4. Administrative Role

  • Coordinate with Senior Global Trainer to maintain proper personal Workshop supplies as needed for GT role, most critically for Workshops held online or physically outside of Kampala, Uganda.
  • Work closely with  Senior Global Trainer, who will coordinate with Uganda Operations, to ensure world class support of Workshop closely with Uganda Operations Team, and US Project Maestro, to ensure successful IW preparation, following IW Timeline.
  • Complete all required Operations/Expense reporting/requests in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Appropriately safeguard all monies required in preparation for, and during the Workshops.

5. Other

  • Participate in the overall staff activities of SBS including meetings, special projects, and celebrations.

Required Skills

  • Ability to think strategically for the organization, but perform tactically
  • Risk management
  • Ability to deliver all work at world-class level
  • Proven business knowledge
  • Strong curriculum facilitation, both online and in-person
  • Conference management
  • Storytelling
  • English fluency
  • Strong social skills
  • Conflict management
  • Ability to influence others

Required Competencies

  • Consistent good judgment
  • Collaborative, yet confident to contribute individually
  • Calm under pressure
  • Inspirational
  • Coachable
  • High degree of stamina
  • Strong self-confidence
  • Adaptable
  • Punctual, dependable
  • Organized, detail-oriented
  • Engaging
  • Empathetic
  • Culturally, religiously, politically and gender impartial
  • Willing to go the extra mile

How to Apply

Please apply: We encourage applications from diverse candidates of all sorts. Please shoot us an email letting us know where you heard about us and how working with us would be a dream come true for you. Please also send your CV and a brief introduction to yourself (to show us how we’d be crazy not to talk to you) to with “Global Trainer” in the subject line. While we love, love, love initiative on the job, no phone calls please.

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