Customer care / Client care

uganda - Kampala full-time Closing date - 07/05/2021

Job Summary

Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree

Minimum years of experience: 3

Job Description

Role Summary

1. Develop large-scale operator markets, explore business opportunities, and fulfill operation indicators such as revenue, receivables, overall profits, and strategic indicators of the operator.

2. Analyze customer requirements and plans, market opportunities and strategies, plan customer relationship improvement, and analyze competitors' reciprocity.

3. Plan invitations and arrange visits of key customer figures to ZTE, and make plans and receive customers to achieve the purpose of invitations.

4. Participate in various exhibitions and public relations activities, invite old customers, and contact new customers to fully explore project opportunities.

Job Requirements

1. Working experience of 3-5 years, with electronic communication, computer, software, marketing and sales background preferred;

2. Strong market sharpness, fast response, market exploration, customer public relations, interpersonal communication and coordination.

3. Be proactive, dedicated, and independent, willing to take more responsibilities and pressure, and be able to maintain a stable working status in the face of pressure or setbacks.

4. Have certain presentation capabilities, and be able to organize high-quality presentation materials.




How to Apply

Send your application to daniel.balaba1@zte.com.cn.

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