Uganda Golf Club -  CLUB MANAGER 

Uganda Golf Club

Business / Strategic management

uganda - Kampala full-time Closing date - 06/12/2019

Job Summary

Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree

Minimum years of experience: 5

Required languages: English

Required IT skills: MS Office

Job Description

Job Purpose: The Club Manager reports to the Club Captain. The Club Manager is accountable for the  financial performance and all areas of operaons for the Club, and on a daily basis directly manages  all clubhouse funcons and will ensure the synergism of all Club acvies.  
The Club Manager is the ManCom’s bridge to the staff and commiees and enables ManCom  to avoid the difficules and short-term focus that is the staff’s responsibility.  
General Roles and Responsibilies; 
1.    The Club Manager will provide day to day overall management of the Club and be physically  at the Club the majority of the me to communicate with the membership and assist staff  in the operaon of the Club’s acvies. 
2.    To have execuve responsibility for all aspects of the administraon of the Club and its premises  within the framework of the Club’s Business Plan, policies, procedures and budgets 
3.    To achieve high performance from all staff by ulizing effecve leadership and  management techniques. 
4.    The Club Manager will lead the development of implemenng and monitoring the processes  to aract new members and revenue creang events. Club acvies are developed by  both management staff and commiees.  
5.    The Club Manager should ensure that the Club is compliant with regulatory requirements  (Food, Liquor, Health, etc.)  
6.    To be the first point of contact for members and visitors and to promote the Club externally and  internally in a professional and friendly manner, enhancing the reputaon of the Club. 
7.    To manage communicaon within the clubhouse, including keeping noce boards  up-to-date and relevant, ensuring compeons, social events and other club acvies are promoted. 
8.    Manage communicaon with the Captain, Board and Commiee, ensuring regular and  
mely updates of all maers of importance affecng the well-being of the Club and its members,  
9.    To obtain and interpret regular feedback from members and visitors concerning all aspects  of the Club’s operaon. 
Administraon Roles; 
1.    Manage the Club’s administraon in a structured and efficient manner including subscripons,  invoicing, member events, commiee meeng minutes and communicaon.  
2.    In conjuncon with the House Supervisor, ensure that the Club’s property assets are maintained  to a high standard. Regular reviews will idenfy maintenance and investment requirements for  priorizaon and approval by the Management Commiee.  
3.    Acvely support Board and Commiee meengs seeking to idenfy, recommend and deliver  improvements and efficiencies to aid the finances and the operaon of the Club.  
4.    Control all insurance and security issues ensuring that all risks are adequately covered.  
5.    Ensure compliance with all statutory and local government legislave requirements including  but not limited to Licensing, Health & Safety, Employment.  
6.    To maintain and update the Club’s policies and procedures as appropriate.     Finance Roles; 
1.    The Club Manager is responsible for monitoring the financial health of the Club, working hand  in hand with the ManCom and Finance Commiee in the preparaon of the Club’s ongoing  Business Plan and Annual Budget. 
2.    In conjuncon with the Finance Assistant Manager, monitor actual performance and key variances  with monthly reports to the Commiee.  
3.    Ensure regular stock takes are conducted with invesgaon of material variances.  
4.    Ensure financial processes and controls maximize cash flow for the Club through prompt invoicing,  credit control and banking.  
5.    Ensure that the purchasing of revenue and capital items is controlled and documented;  seeking best value for the Club at all mes.  
6.    In conjuncon with the appropriate Commiee member(s), project manage the delivery of  capital projects in line with the agreed Business Plan and Budget.  
7.    Reconcile and control all of the Club’s income streams – Bar, Membership Subscripons,  Green Fees and Sponsorships.  
8.    In conjuncon with the Club’s External Accountant ensure that all period end reporng  deadlines are met. 
9.    Provide monthly payroll data to the Club’s External Accountant and check outputs  
10.    Ensure that VAT and PAYE an NSSF are submied and paid by the due dates. 
People management and leadership Roles; 
1.    To provide effecve leadership, giving direcon to staff and movang and supporng them to  achieve individual and team objecves 
2.    Manage the recruitment, training and development of the Club’s staff.  
3.    Ensure consistent high standards of staff performance through the use of effecve performance  management techniques. This will include the provision of ongoing direcon and the seng and  monitoring of clear goals and targets for all staff.  
4.    Liaise with the House Supervisor, Bar Supervisor and Caterer to ensure that the bar and catering  offer good quality customers service meeng member and visitor expectaons in a profitable manner.  
5.    Work closely with the Club Professionals to maximize the benefits of their services to  members and visitors.  
6.    In conjuncon with the course manager, Senior Green keeper ensure that the course and  course plan machinery are maintained and developed in line with Club’s Business Plan.  
7.    Chair regular meengs with all Direct Reports to ensure a co-ordinated, welcoming and  informave service is provided to members and visitors.  
8.    Ensure that acceptable standards of behavior are adhered to on Club property 
Educaon, Technical skills, knowledge and experience; 
1.    Good leadership and interpersonal \ people management skills  
2.    “Hands on” flexible approach  
3.    Good communicator – verbal and wrien  
4.    Experience of business development and growing revenue streams  
5.    Excellent IT skills – MS Office packages, social media  
6.    Working knowledge of licensing law, employment law, health and safety legislaon  and risk management  
7.    An appreciaon of golf and the expectaons \ tradions of a members’ club  
8.    A willingness to work flexible hours to meet the demands of the posion 
9.    A University degree in Business Administraon or any related field. 
10.    A minimum of 4 years working experience 

How to Apply

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