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uganda - kampala full-time Closing date - 22/08/2019

Job Summary

Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree

Minimum years of experience: 5

Required languages: English

Job Description


DEPARTMENT:                        COMMUNIUCATION

Place of employment:     KAMPALA

WORKING HOURS:                 40 per week

REPORTS TO:                         HEAD OF DELEGATION


The Humanitarian Communications Manager is the focal point at delegation level for all matters related to communication and, where applicable, prevention activities. S/he is responsible for setting and implementing priorities, objectives and strategies. S/he directs the orientation, planning, monitoring and evaluation of the delegation’s communication and, where applicable, prevention activities, and supervises and provides technical support to all staff involved in them. S/he contributes to building and implementing an approach in which communication and, where applicable, prevention activities are integrated into other ICRC programmes (e.g. protection, assistance, cooperation).

Generic Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

  • Sets the strategic orientation of the delegation’s communication and, where applicable, prevention activities, in cooperation with management and other departments. With support from the corresponding teams at headquarters and regional specialists, formulates related guidelines, approaches and programmes.
  • Oversees the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes related to communication and, where applicable, prevention of violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), which may include: operational communication; community engagement; IHL promotion, integration and implementation; building Uganda Red Cross Society’s (URCS) communication and IHL promotion capacity; public communication; digital communication; interaction with religious circles; information analysis/environment scanning; public affairs and resource mobilization.
  • Contributes to the delegation’s analysis of political, security, military, humanitarian and other developments related to ICRC reputation/perception management and capacity to operate.
  • Develops networks relevant to specific humanitarian concerns, acceptance of the ICRC's mission, strategic objectives and activities and improving its access to people in need.
  • Represents the ICRC to diverse audiences in line with the delegation’s objectives and acts as spokesperson to the media.
  • Supervises the development and production of internal and external communication tools and publications, including for digital platforms.

Specific Functional Responsibilities:

IHL Promotion/dissemination

  • Responsible for coordination with the UPDF and its various training schools, the Uganda Police Force, and key universities to strengthen IHL teaching and ensure smooth running of IHL dissemination activities (round tables, conferences, moot courts and other forums on IHL).


  • Adjusts and re-defines communication programmes according to unforeseen changes in the environment.
  • Ensures that communication activities are properly documented and assesses the effectiveness of ICRC’s communication activities in Uganda.
  • Ensures the development / provision of communication tools conveying ICRC’s key messages in an adapted manner to specific target audiences.
  • Establishes guidelines, defines methodologies and working tools to ensure the smooth implementation of the prevention programmes.
  • In close coordination with the Head of Delegation, ensures adequacy and coherence of ICRC’s public positions and develops documents for public communication.

Analysis and strategy

  • Develops an in depth understanding and analysis of humanitarian, security and political issues in Uganda and monitors the evolution of the humanitarian situation in the country.
  • Participates in the overall delegation's planning and evaluation process and contributes to the delegation's overall orientation.

Networking and representation

  • Engages in dialogue with relevant stakeholders to foster the image and increasing the understanding of ICRC’s work and activities in Uganda and to enhance the acceptance of the basic rules of IHL and humanitarian values by various audiences (army, police).
  • Actively contributes to the external representation of the Delegation to key Uganda Ministries relevant for prevention programmes through representation and participation in meetings and pro-active networking (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, National IHL committee etc.).
  • Maintains and develops a network with influential media outlets and journalists, with media departments of different humanitarian actors, with academic circles and civil society.


  • Provides ad-hoc reporting on specific issues such as migration and displacement, humanitarian situation or political unrest.
  • Ensures effective sharing of operational information internally and with Headquarters.
  • Contributes, in a timely and concise manner, to the institutional and technical reporting of the delegation’s financial and analytical reports.

Cooperation and coordination

  • Coordinates with Protection and Cooperation departments in order to ensure an integrated approach between the different programmes and objectives.
  • Collaborates and coordinates closely with the Cooperation department on all partnerships with the URCS.
  • Provides necessary technical advice and guidance to the Cooperation department on all communication issues in relation with the URCS.
  • Maintains and manages direct contact with the communication/ dissemination representatives of the URCS and coordinates common communication/ dissemination objectives and activities.

Finance, logistics and administrative management

  • Supervises and monitors the financial, logistical and administrative aspects of communication programmes and department and ensures that control mechanisms are in place.


  • Supervises and coaches staff under direct responsibility.

Minimum required knowledge and experience:

  • Degree in law, political science, international relations, journalism or communications. Any academic specialisation or masters in International Humanitarian Law is an added advantage.
  • Minimum 5 years work experience in law, public relations, journalism, communication or as an officer in an International humanitarian organisation in a similar role.
  • Strong managerial skills.
  • Confirmed computer skills (Word processors, Spreadsheets and Power point).
  • Fluent communication skills and command of spoken and written English. Knowledge in French, will be an added value.


How to Apply

 Please send your CV and cover letter with 3 work related referees to the address or e-mail below. Applications may not exceed 2MBs.


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