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uganda - Mauritius full-time Closing date - 15/06/2019

Job Summary

Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree

Minimum years of experience: 1

Required languages: English

Required IT skills: ,MS Office

Job Description


Your duties and responsibilities as Production and Maintenance Executive shall include, but shall not be restricted to the following:

            Environment, Health and Safety

10.1      To ensure that all necessary measures are taken regarding regulations as follows:

  • Health and Safety - to prevent any accident from occurring to site people and visitors on production sites and its relative access. 
  • To inform regarding accident at work.
  • Environment - by ensuring the absence of nuisances on sites and its access.
  • To perform in the interest of the Company at all times.

You are given full authority and the necessary means to take all measures to ensure that sites, falling under your responsibility adhere to all legal requirements on:

  • Site organization according to the safety of employees.
  • Safety measures to be according to individual specifications.
  • To purchase tools and safety equipment.
  • To carry out regular safety talks to create awareness in our employees.
  • To initiate work permits before carrying out specific maintenance works.
  • To adhere to Health and Safety regulations on sites, even if this implies having to take disciplinary action as and when needed.  You shall inform your subordinates of these rules and regulations accordingly.

Management of Raw Materials

  1. To manage the stock of Raw Materials (aggregates, cement, additives) :
  • To establish criteria for stock of blocks.
  • To establish cleanliness of aggregates.
  • To define quantitative stock.
  • To be responsible for the qualitative follow up and quantitative stock of raw materials.


  1. Production Planning:
  • To take cognisance and effect market analysis and research (information through the Marketing and Sales department).
  • To establish and optimize in collaboration with Block Supervisors regarding operating procedures for production:
  • Technical choice
  • Means
  • Teams
  • Variables
  • Planning
  • To work on budget (to be approved by the Operations Manager).
  • To prepare organizational notes and prescribed documents related to the quality manual of the Company.
  • To consult and choose suppliers and sub-contractors.
  1. Production Output:
  • To prepare and assist meetings.
  • To control production compared to objectives set.
  • To analyse discrepancies from objectives set and implement corrective measures.
  • To ensure proper quality of service as well as commitment towards clients.
  • To liaise with Laboratory for optimisation of mix design, variation in aggregates.
  • To ensure blocks are sent to Laboratory for regular testing.
  • To carry out regular follow-up of compressive strengths of block together with Laboratory executives.
  • To put in place procedures to minimize wastage.
  • To put in place a stock management process for better control of the Company’s assets.

Maintenance of Plants and Equipment

10.5      To be responsible for the safe guarding of tools and equipment under your responsibility and maintenance of same.

  • You will be solely responsible for the maintenance of tools and equipment to be in good running conditions.
  • To set up procedures on maintenance of plant:
  • Frequency
  • Quantitative
  • Pressure
  • Tension, etc…
  • To set up maintenance regulations (who, when, how….)
  • To follow up on the application of procedures and instructions.
  • To ensure compliance of calibration procedures with ISO procedures and legal requirements.
  • To be responsible for safeguarding of the assets of the Company.


  1. To plan with the Operations Manager work stoppage which falls under technical   stoppage category:
  • When.
  • Disruption time.
  • Internal needs.
  • External needs (sub-contractors, handling……)
  • To follow up plant and equipment as well as production tools with the Operations Manager


10.7      As guardian to the Quality System, it is your responsibility to:

  • To develop, implement and maintain a quality programme.
  • To ensure that all products meet quality standards.
  • To ensure the implementation of working practices and processes as described in the ISO Quality System across the business unit.
  • To implement and ensure the Quality Control procedures are followed in the different manufacturing processes.
  • To identify and report raw materials and product non-conformances.
  • To analyse root causes of non-conformances and address non-conformances.
  • To take corrective and preventive measures to avoid recurrence of non-conformances.

Management of Site

10.8      To manage the site and ensure that tasks are performed according to the objectives set by the Operations Manager.

  • To approve reports.
  • To control cost related to expenses and output
  • To ensure strict control related to provision for expenses
  • To follow up budget.
  • To define billing items.
  • To manage and control cost.  Report to the Operations Manager in case of discrepancy as well as take corrective measures.

Human Resource

10.9      Involvement at Company level:

  • To evaluate your personnel, propose required training, propose appropriate promotions.
  • To be involved in the recruitment of workers.
  • To communicate information to team members under your responsibility.
  • To coach and train new comers.
  • To promote Information Sharing.
  • To attend Management meetings.
  • To be involved in the strategy of the Company under the authority of the Operations Manager.
  • To transmit information.
  • To constantly monitor human potential and plant.
  • To be accountable for quality aspect of sites under his responsibility.
  • To be conversant of the company structure and its different services.
  • To call upon the services and competence as and when required.

Company’s Image

  1. Company’s representative/ambassador towards customers:
  • To promote company image.
  • To advise and propose on quality of products. (not to involve in structural designs)
    1. To perform any other cognate duties that may be assigned to you by      Management.


How to Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter with 3 work related referees to the address or e-mail below. Application should be marked as “TRANSPORT/FLEET MANAGER - FOL” Applications may not exceed 2MBs. Email: Address: People Performance Group Plot 8 Kitante Close, (off Yusuf Lule Road) Kitante P.O. Box 12405, Kampala - Uganda While we thank all applicants for your interest, only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Any form of lobbying will lead to automatic disqualification.

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