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Job title: 
Laboratory In charge

Reporting to: Clinical Operations Manager

The Laboratory In-charge plays a vital role in the overall safety of the laboratory and is responsible for managing the daily operations of the lab. The Lab In-charge takes responsibility for all aspects of the lab, including but not limited to; instruments/equipment, users of the lab, and supplies needed to ensure the lab runs smoothly.

Management of the Laboratory
• Be familiar with the regulatory requirements specific to the lab and ensures all users are in- compliance with those standards.
• Review research protocols of internal and external research groups in an effort to stay abreast as to what research projects are occurring in the lab at any given time.
• Update and maintain the Lab Safety Plan/Manual and the SDS Manual.
• Accompany the EHS Manager during Lab Inspections.
Laboratory Operation
• Oversees laboratory safety and ensures that the laboratory remains in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. In cases where non-compliance is found, documents the instances as well as how they were abated.
• Ensures all reagents and supplies are available when needed.
• Manages and updates Chemical inventories and/or Risk Group Agent inventories.
• Communicates and enforces laboratory safety rules to internal and external researchers working in the lab.
• Ensures all users of the lab are wearing the appropriate PPE.
• Ensures lab users have been trained on the correct use of the lab equipment, in addition to mentoring and disciplining lab users for not following safety policies/procedures that have been established for the lab.
• Schedules safety training for new lab users and retraining for lab users who are in need of refresher training to include but not be limited to: equipment training, safety training and/or lab safety plan reviews and ensure the training has been documented.
• Ensures that the laboratory is cleaned/sanitized and kept in an orderly manner.
• Ensures all instrumentations/equipment is functioning properly to include but not limited to eyewash/safety showers and when instruments/equipment is found to be in need of
maintenance/repair, he/she contacts the Equipment Engineer to have it repaired.

 Bachelor’s Degree Medical Laboratory and a valid Allied practicing license from Allied Professional Council.
 Excellent knowledge of computer applications
 Have the ability to manage multiple tasks and think outside the square
 Use effective time management skills.
 A good team player with strong interpersonal skills, outgoing personality, and ability to work independently and effectively under pressure and on strict deadlines

Contact/How to apply: 

All cv, applications (including 3 work references) should be sent to:
Head Of Human Resources Kampala Hospital Limited
Plot 5C P.O.Box 35059, Makindu Close Kololo Kampala-Uganda

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