Finance and Administration Manager.- SESACO

Job title: 
Finance and Administration Manager

Reporting: Chief Executive Officer (CEO )
Supervising: Accountant, Stores , HR & Procurement
Department: Finance, Procurement, HR & IT
Other accountabilities: Board of Directors


To direct the stewardship of company assets, proactively mitigate against financial risk, and ensure efficiency in financial systems in line with ’ Vision, Mission, Core Values and long term Strategic Directions.

The position holder shall be an experienced business professional with background in Finance and accounting; exemplifying depth in the understanding of Ugandan medium enterprise business environment; with a track record in successful delivery of key financial outputs in a fast paced agri-business enterprise. This position will direct and develop the accounts department, HR, Administration, IT department and procurement department spearheading financial planning, procurement management, Policy development and implementation, statutory compliance and risk management, Cash flow forecasts as well as revenue/credit cycle management.

Financial planning and management

• Advise CEO professionally and provide sufficient information to facilitate the taking of informed financial decisions.
• Develop a systematic, scalable and coherent financial planning system with appropriate user friendly planning tools and templates.
• Deliver a credible annual budget, financial forecast and cost benefit analysis within set limits of company strategy.
• Provide timely and accurate monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports with clear variance explanations as needed.
• Set appropriate internal controls, authenticate transactions and ensure company readiness for audit.
Financial system set up and development

• Ensure strict adherence to full implementation of company Finance manual with policies, frame works, procedures and processes.
• Develop transactional templates, tools and forms in appropriate quality and quantities.
• Guide the development of financial authorization and signatory management processes.
• Determine bank agency and liaisons with financial institutions.
Financial Compliance

• Ensure the availability of relevant sections of company Law and labour law to Finance staff as needed.
• Ensure statutory compliance in financial dealings in regard to all forms of taxation including VAT due to the company, employees and consultants.
• Ensure company financial obligations to employees and consultants are alignment with stated requirements of employment ACT and consultancy contracts.

Credit Management

• Develop and supervise implementation of sound credit management policies and procedures ensuring compliance to relevant laws and regulations.
• Provide accountability for credit control and debt collection while at the same time maintaining client confidence.
• Maintain credit worthiness of the company through timely payment of suppliers, financial institutions, consultants and vendors.

Logistics, Asset movement and management.

• Develop and supervise implementation of sound asset movement and management policies and procedures.
• Provide accountability for Asset registers and ensure proper maintenance and usage.
• Determine Asset disposal and set depreciation standards; set related processes and supervise implementation of disposal activities.
• Provide overall direction for logistics and related administrative processes while ensuring cost savings and value for money in all dealings.
• Provide strategic direction for supply chain management including but not limited to procurement, tendering, stock management ensuring shareholder value.

6 Technology support and development

• Provide oversight for ICT development and maintenance of computer hardware and software.
• Ensure optimal utilization of quick books to cover 90% of the company operations.
• Ensure the presence of ICT strategy that increases the competitiveness of the company in all its dealings.

Finance Staff Management

• Ensure proper levels of employee motivation within the department through proper remuneration, proper supervision and proper conflict management.
• Ensure high performance standards for the Finance team through the practice of sound performance management processes.
• Maximise finance staff productivity by providing opportunities for training and capacity building coupled with well defined work targets and adequate tools of trade.
• Create an empowering environment within which Finance staff can express their creativity and grow in goal ownership within the company.
• Proactively ensure succession planning at all levels of leadership within the Finance department.
• Escalation management and brokerage of solutions for finance staff from management.
Key Performance measures

• Financial planning cycle
• Internal controls
• Financial reporting
• Legal compliance
• Creditor servicing
• Credit worthiness
• ICT support
• Logistical efficiency
• Finance staff performance
• Finance staff turnover rate
Knowledge, skills and experience
Key Requirements
• Holder of B.Com degree or Equivalent
• Full CPA/ACCA or equivalent qualifications
• Thorough Computer knowledge and hands-on proficiency in Tally system
• People skills
• Communication skills
• Problem solving skills
• 5 years’ experience in senior finance management
• Must be performance driven
• Must display positive attitude.

This job description reflects management's assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

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